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Premium Tempered Glass

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Premium Tempered Glass

│ Description │

­ Extreme impact & scratch protection for mobile devices.
­ Premium chemical strengthening plus, healing process applied.
­ Various features combining with Tempered Glass available.
  (Blue light cut / Pricavy / Anti-Glare / Mirror type)
­ 'Install Tray', easy and accurate install every time.

│ Company introduction │

Whitestone(previous name. MiCo C&C) are actually expert at Display & Semiconductor industries.
Secured the production, and the highest quality of tempered glass as while exporting over 5000K units in a year to the western world.
Created for first and the best top quality of strengths on Premium Tempered Glass. Increased the glass strength by special chemically strengthening and healing process on the edge additionally.

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Premium Tempered Glass